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Important announcement of admission conditions for pediatric dentist Dr. Najmeh Akhlaghi

Hello and greetings, dear friends
Those who have children Severe pain or emergency They can only coordinate with the following number for emergency treatment
According to the coordination, there are protocols and things that you must follow:
(We are very strict about our health and the health of our patients and society)
1- Acceptance is done only with the previous coordination with the above number
2. Each child has only one companion
Be sure to have both masks. We do not accept without a mask.
3- Put your hands in the office as soon as you enter( Both mobile and child)Wash.

4. Cash is not accepted at all
5. The doctor and Ners are wearing special clothes and masks and shields. To reduce your child's anxiety, tell him or her to stay healthy for a while. Like fantasy cartoons. Think of astronaut clothing.
6- Emphasis. The announced day and time are for you only. If you do not show up on time, we will not accept it again. Unless you know at least 24 hours in advance.
7- If you have a fever or cold symptoms in your child or partner, you are not eligible for admission.
8- At any time, there is only one client in the office, and with his departure, the disinfection and unit cover are replaced everywhere, then the next client enters the office..

Hoping to defeat Corona and take back the normal days of our lives

Specialized services of pediatric dentist and pediatrician






Special discount on dental services and the party to the contract with Dana Insurance

.. In the link you can download the children's dental tariff and good news is that in the office of Dr. Najmeh Akhlaghi, all the services are available with 10% to 20% discount. 10 to 20 Percentage of discount is given to this tariff. We are also a party to Dana Insurance contract and we are very happy to be at your service, dear ones.

Contact a pediatric dentist in Isfahan, Dr. Najmeh Akhlaghi

The specialized office of Dr. Najmeh Akhlaghi, using the appropriate physical environment in accordance with the new principles of child psychology to reduce the stress and anxiety of children and the up-to-date facilities, are ready to provide quality services to dear children.

Biography of Dr. Najmeh Akhlaghi

Pediatric Dentist born in 1363

Entrance Top Rank 1381 Rank 21 in the field of general dentistry and specialty 1387 at the University of Medical Sciences

First Place of pediatric dentistry board exam in Iran in 2011.

Sample dentist of the year 91

Asisstant professor of dental school,Isfahan University of Medical Sciences,Iran.

Member of Dental Research Center, Isfahan Dental School

Member of Iranian pediatric Dentistry Association.

Participation in lectures at numerous domestic and international congresses

Publishing numerous scientific articles in internal and external journals

. (Associated editor of DRJ (dental research journal,Isfahan))

Of Children's Dental Clinic Dr. Najmeh Akhlaghi Specialized utilizes appropriate physical space in accordance with modern principles of child psychology to reduce stress and anxiety in children and features a special children's day is ready to serve quality.


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We are closer together with the help of new technologies

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